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Dabin Lee / 201521618May 25, 2016Essay 2Prof. Vincent Gilhooleya!se"Effect Essay#a$e yo! e$er felt that yo! are a %aceboo& a''ict( )o*a'ays, as the n!+ber of s+art hone !sers increases rai'ly, the n!+ber of -ocial )et*or& -er$ices !sers thro!ho!t the *hole *orl' increases accor'inly. %aceboo& is one of the fa+o!s -ocial )et*or& -er$ices that eole !se e$ery 'ay.  Person !sin %aceboo& can be relate' *ith ac!aintances an' $ario!s eole all o$er the *orl'. #o*e$er, !sin %aceboo& has ros an' cons. %aceboo& connects eole an' hels the+ +aintain their frien'shi b!t there are so+e neati$e asects of its o$er!sin. Peole sho!l' be a*are of effects of o$er!sin %aceboo&.he first neati$e effect of o$er!sin %aceboo& is co+arin. nly oo' thins are not haenin in eole3s li$es. #o*e$er, +ost of eole ost ositi$e thins on their %aceboo&. %aceboo& !sers can loo& ! other3s 'aily life on %aceboo& rear'less of their *ill. 4n a''ition, all h!+an beins inten' to co+are the+sel$es *ith others. %estiner3s social co+arison theory elains that eole ha$e f!n'a+ental 'esire to e$al!ate their oinion an'ability an' are !se' to co+arin *ith others *hen there are not obecti$e +etho's of +eas!re+ent. here are t*o tyes of co+arison, the first is the 'o*n*ar' co+arison that +eans eole co+are the+sel$es *ith inferiors an' the secon' is the !*ar' co+arison that +eans eole co+are the+sel$es *ith s!erior. 7an, 9i+, -eo 5: 4t is a +atter if  eole al*ays 'o !*ar' co+arison, *hich +a&es the+ !nhay. ;hene$er eole loo& !other3s hay life, they &ee thin&in they are li$in !nfort!nate li$es an' +a&in the+sel$es s+aller.he secon' one is that ersonal ri$acy can blo* !. -o+e eole are not concerne'

Negative Effects of Facebook Essay

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With more than 350 million active users, Facebook is one of the most popular social-networking sites in history. While it may have benefits such as connecting one with friends, it may also have very negative effects that could be irreversible. Three main negative effects that could arise from using Facebook include loss of sleep, depression, and putting one in a dangerous situation. At a quick glance, Facebook may be perceived as an intriguing and enjoyable website, but the addictions that sometimes arise from overuse correlate to fatal effects. These effects could be minuscule, easy to cope with, unhealthy, or life-changing. The first critical effect, the distractions that are caused by addiction, links to areal loss of sleep. The…show more content…

If teenagers couldcut the amount of time spent on Facebook, the less likely they are to become addicted, and (omit) the less likely they are to suffer from these horrible effects. Working as a chain reaction, if teens do not suffer from the effects, they will probably get more sleep. The second negative effect caused by addiction to Facebook is depression. A popular feature that Facebook has to offer is the ability to add friends with whom you are familiar. Often times, users may feel as though the number of friends that their account has is unsatisfying, leading to insecurities. In today’s society, teenagers have enough to deal with on their own, and do not need to suffer from anything else. A low friend count can make addicts feel worthless, which can lead to severe depression. Not only could this diminish one’s self-esteem, it could potentially be dangerous because he or she might add people that he or she does not knowto feel better. Also, another feature that Facebook offers is the ability to create events, such as parties, and invite people. However, these events are public for everybody to view, and if somebody is not invited, it could make him or her feel left out, leading to social upsets. Yet another feature Facebook provides is the ability to comment on photographs or friend’s pages. Sometimes people make rude and offending comments that make the victim feel

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