Nightingale Project B Case Study


Nightingale -A

Nightingale Project - A

 You are the assistant project manager to Rassy Brown, who isin charge of the Nightingale project. Nightingale was the code namegiven to the development of a handheld electronic medicalreference guide. Nightingale would be designed for emergencymedical technicians and paramedics who need a quick referenceguide to use in emergency situations.Rassy and her project team were developing a project planaimed at producing 30 working models in time for MedCON, thebiggest medical equipment trade show each year. Meeting theMedCON October 25 deadline was critical to success. All the majormedical equipment manufacturers demonstrated and took ordersfor new products at MedCON. Rassy had also heard rumours thatcompetitors were considering developing a similar product, and sheknew that being first to market would have a significant salesadvantage. Besides, top management made funding contingentupon developing a workable plan for meeting the MedCON deadline. The project team spent the morning working on the schedulefor Nightingale. They started with the WBS and developed the information for anetwork, addingActivities when needed. Then the team added the time estimatesthey had collected for each activity. Following is the preliminaryinformation for activities with duration time and predecessors:Use any project network computer program available to you todevelop the schedule for activities (see Case Appendix for furtherinstructions) – nothing late and early times, the critical path, andestimated completion for the project.


Nightngale Case STudy ParT A 1. Will The projecT as planned meeT The OcTober 25 Th deadline?-No, The projecT as planned would reach and end on December 21 2. WhaT actvites lie on The critcal paTh? ±here are 15 critcal actvites:-A. ArchiTecTural decisions-B. FeaTure specifcatons-C. DaTabase-D. Review Design-E. InTegraton-F. Procure ProToType ComponenTs-G. Assemble ProToTypes-H. Lab ±esT ProToTypes-I. Field ±esT ProToTypes-J. AdjusT Design-K. Order STock ParTs-L. Assemble FirsT Producton UniT-M. ±esT UniT-N. Produce 30 UniTs-O. ±rain Sales RepresenTatves 3. How sensitve is This neTwork?-±he neTwork is noT exTremely sensitve, hal² o² The Tasks are critcal however, The oTher hal² have a decenT amounT o² slack. ParT B 1. Is iT possible To meeT The deadline?-Yes i² The schedule has a completon daTe on or be²ore OcTober 25 Th 2. I² so, how would you recommend changing The original schedule (ParT A) and why? Access The relatve impacT o² crashing actvites versus inTroducing lags To shorTen projecT duraton.

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