Directionless Youth Essay Contests

The ProLife Youth Essay Contest serves as a conscientious tool for both teachers and students both Junior High and Senior High competitions. Just the simple act of researching and writing an essay on this important issue has proven to be an effective tool to educate and motivate students to recognize the deep significance of what is at stake in our culture.

Senior Essay Contest: Grades 10 – 12
Junior Essay Contest: Grades 7 – 9
First Place – $200
Second Place – $150
Third Place – $100
(Prizes awarded in each contest.)

Essays should address the following statement:

Why should everyone respect life?

Please follow these guidelines:

1. Essays should be submitted between December 21, 2014 and
January 23, 2015. Essays must be postmarked by January 23, 2015.

2. Essays may be submitted to:

Michelle Fischbach, 14722 Old Lake Road, Paynesville, MN 56362


Brian Johnston, 2306 J Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95816

3. Essays must be double spaced and pages numbered.

4. Essays shall be 300 – 500 words in length.

5. If typed, use no smaller than 12 Pt font.

6. Use a cover sheet that includes; full name, full mailing
address, phone number, grade level, student date of birth,
parent’s name and word count.

7. By submitting an entry the contestant and parent or guardian agree:

A. to allow National Right to Life to reprint the winning
essay, and
B. that the essay is original, but not copyrighted.

8. Cite any sources used.

9. Please do not include artwork, pictures or plastic covers.

10. Please mail the essays, electronic submissions will only
be accepted under special circumstances.


Essays will be read and judged on originality, content, and accuracy. Each judge will rank essays #1 – #5. Essays ranked number 1, in a randomly selected group, will move to the second round. Essays may be grouped by region (West, Midwestern, Southern, and East) depending on the number of entries. The announcements will be made as soon as possible but judging time depends on the numbers of entries received.

2014 National Essay Contest Winners

Junior High Contest Winners

First Place

Rosalia Palumbo (Ohio)

Second Place

Cara Gielskie (New York)

Third Place

Mary-Catherine Siena Scarlett (Ohio)


Senior High Contest Winners

First Place

Hannah Denise Stafford (Kentucky)

Second Place

Maria Connelly (Ohio)

Third Place

Tatiana Emilia Federoff (Arizona)

 Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I submit more then one essay?

No, you can only participate with one essay.

+ Who can participate in WYEC 2018?

All high school and university students can participate in the WYEC 2018 international essay competition. The WYEC 2018 is open to students from all countries!

+ When is the submission deadline?

You have time to submit your essay until 31. March 2018 at 23:59 UTC+0 time.

+ What is the Grand Prize of WYEC 2018?

The overall best submission receives the WYEC Grand Prize 2018 of 1700 USD. The exceptional student that receives the WYEC Grand Prize will be invited to Germany for a special winner ceremony with all flight and accommodation expenses covered! In Germany, you will meet with current international leaders and professionals.

+ Do you pay flight, visa and accomodation for the Grand Prize Winner?

Yes, all flight, visa and accommodation expenses will be covered!

+ When will the Grand Prize Winner travel to Germany?

The Grand Prize Winner can freely choose a preferred time between 11. June 2018 and 30. September 2018.

+ Are there other prizes besides the Grand Prize?

Yes! The second and third best submissions receive the WYEC 2. prize and 3. prize of 2018. The jury selects 10x submissions of exceptional creativity who receive Awards of Excellence. All finalists will receive a special WYEC finalists certificate with honorable jury notes and all participants receive a WYEC 2018 participation certificate.

+ When will you announce the winners?

The winners of WYEC 2018 will be announced on 11. June 2018.

+ How many pages can I write?

The essay has to be between one to eight pages in the English language.

+ What format (font size, font style) should I use?

There are no limitations on the font style and the design of the essay. However, the essay has to be between one to eight pages in the English language.

+ In which language can I write my essay?

The essay has to be in the English language.

+ Can I submit my essay from the past year?

Yes, but we encourage you to write a brand-new essay.

+ I am a Master or PhD student. Can I particiate?

Yes, because you are considered a student.

+ Can I submit a Word file or Image?

Yes, but we highly encourage you to convert your file to PDF!

+ Can I submit the essay as a team?

No, there will be only one name on all certificates and one person has to submit the essay. However, you can write the essay as a group and share the prize money.

+ Can you send me examples of (winning) essays?

No, due to our privacy policies we can not send you essays from other participants - please be creative on your own.

+ Is there an age restriction?

No, you can participate as long as you are a student.

+ Who organizes and sponsors WYEC 2018?

The WYEC 2018 has been organized and coordinated by people from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and the International Youth Journal in order to give students around the world the opportunity to share their ideas. WYEC 2018 was also made possible with the help of Glsci.

+ I have problems submitting my essay.

Please try to submit your essay on your PC or Laptop (not phone) and use the Chrome browser. If you are still not able to submit your essay, please contact our team via the contact form below.

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