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Interesting Accounting Thesis Topics: 30 Great Suggestions

Writing a thesis paper on accounting is not always an easy thing. The main reason for this is because a lot of people tend to imagine accounting to be all about calculations and nothing else. However, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The following are some interesting topics that you might want to look into in the event that you are struggling with finding one for your thesis:

  1. Discuss the importance of auditing to a firm
  2. How do companies minimize on their tax liabilities while still ensuring profitability
  3. Discuss emerging products in the financial markets
  4. Define and explain the role of the accounting information systems
  5. Is managerial accounting mandatory or a complementary function?
  6. Explain how personal finances are affected by the recession
  7. Describe debt management and discuss the challenges associated with it
  8. Organizational culture and its influence on accounting standards and procedure
  9. Problems that companies encounter with cash flow
  10. Payroll management systems and their role in the organization
  11. Business investments that can shield accounting departments from turbulent times
  12. Discuss some financial instruments that can be used for futures direction
  13. Conduct an analysis on managerial and financial accounting, noting down the similarities and differences
  14. Ethical considerations in cost accounting
  15. The role of cost accounting in the organization
  16. Cost accounting system for a company you have worked in, or you are familiar with
  17. Use of software in cost accounting
  18. Dealing with fixed and variable costs during turbulent times
  19. Career resources for accountants
  20. Discuss 5 accounting concepts and how they can be useful to normal average people
  21. Theoretically analyze liability accounting in a company you are familiar with
  22. Discuss the importance of cost management during a recession
  23. Discuss the concept of life cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  24. Explain the importance of the accrual concept of accounting, with relevant examples
  25. Discuss the importance of internal accounting procedure to global businesses
  26. Showcase with relevant examples, the functions of managerial accounting to an organization
  27. Discuss the impact of technology on accounting
  28. Computers will take over the work of accountants in the near future: Discuss
  29. Discuss how to effectively adapt the international accounting standards relevant to your country
  30. Does the world need international accounting standards or should every region work out its own?

Accounting can be fun stuff, and there’s lots to talk about. Only certain people are capable of studying accounting as a major, or taking it to the next level as a master’s. Way to go!

You’ve taken all the classes and tests. You’re ready to be done with your program. (Or maybe you’re getting a head start so as not to procrastinate.) There’s only one thing left to do – your thesis paper.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make up a good topic for a dissertation. Of course, you want something that will catch the reader’s eye, and something that will hold your own interest too, since you’ll be spending a lot of time on it.

To help get you started and inspired, here’s a list of 20 ideas:

  1. Personal Finance: What’s That Best Way to Manage Personal Finances?
  2. Taxes: What Do We Need to Know As Citizens (or as business owners)?
  3. Cash Flow: How Does Cash Flow Affect Small Businesses?
  4. Business Investments: How Can Businesses Maximize Their Investments?
  5. Debt: How Can It Be Managed or Avoided Completely?
  6. Payroll: What Systems Are the Most Efficient?
  7. Auditing: Why Is It Important?
  8. Financial Markets: How Do They Play a Role in the Economy?
  9. Foreign Financial Markets: How Do Foreign Investments Affect Foreign Financial Markets?
  10. Accounting Information Systems: How Has the Internet Affected Accounting Information Systems?
  11. Offshore Accounting: When Is It Illegal?
  12. Accounting Practices: How Can Students Use What They Have Learned?
  13. Ethics: A Look at Correct Ethical Practices in the Field.
  14. New Technologies: How Has Accounting Changed over History?
  15. Accounting Standards: Are They Really Effective?
  16. Banking: What Types of Accounting Systems Are Used in Banking?
  17. History: An Overview of Accounting.
  18. Stock Markets: How to Use Accounting to Invest Properly
  19. Trade: How Can You Use Accountancy Effectively with Trade?
  20. Future Aspects: What Direction Will Accountancy Take in the Future?

With these 20 accounting topics for thesis, you are right on your way to narrowing it down and creating a great paper. Mull over the answers to the questions above and from there, you should be able to come up with a thesis statement. Once you have your thesis statement, you are set to start writing!

Don’t forget to consider sources. Do you already have several ones for a particular topic? Remember that they should be only academic sources, not just that blogs that you may want to follow.

Do you have a paper that you already wrote last year or for a previous class? You can even extend that idea, or put a new twist on it to make it a full-fledged thesis.

There are many ways to pick a topic within accounting, and it doesn’t have to be dry. Find something that you are passionate about and get down to work! Use the topics and considerations above to help you with your master’s thesis in accounting.

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