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I am currently in ************ and the GCSE subjects that I am taking are English, Maths, Science, Religious Studies, Art, Computing and Graphic Products. I hope to achieve the grades that I am striving for so that I can go on to do my A levels in Art, Psychology and Sociology then to go onto university.

The reasons for choosing Art as an A level at Wanstead High School is because I was so impressed with the art department. I really liked the idea that it is made up of 100% coursework as it allows me to concentrate on doing pieces of writing for my other two subjects instead of three. I also want to Art because I enjoy it and that I know with this subject you can be as creative as you want and you aren’t restricted on what kind of things that you have to do. Moreover, if you are given a theme you can interpret it in anyway you want which therefore shows my creative abilities.

For my other A level choices I would like to do Psychology and Sociology. Even though I haven’t done either of those subjects at GCSE, I would like to do them at A level. The reason is that whenever I have seen something dreadful happen on TV or in a book I always wonder why people behave in certain ways in different situations. For example, why did Hitler behave in the way that he did. Was it because of something that happened in his past? Or was he pressured into doing those things? Also, why didn’t the Jews stand up to him? There was only one of him and there where many Jews. These are the kind of things that I would like to know as it would give me more knowledge about what happens in the world around us. In Psychology I find the idea of learning what goes through a murderers mind and other things similar to this very interesting. For example, when they plan to murder someone do they think about the consequences or does it not even cross their mind? If I were to do Psychology and Sociology I would find out the answers to my questions and learn about things which allow me to understand more about people’s behaviour in society, what goes through people’s minds and many more fascinating topics.

Sixth Form Personal Statement

My Personal Statement Values hopes and plans: I am currently in year 11 at Harrogate Grammar School studying: Maths English (Literature and Language) French I.T (Short Course) Religious Studies (Short Course) Business Studies Physical Education Biology Physics Chemistry Drama Since my very first day at Harrogate Grammar school I have not worked to my full potential. Now, 3months before my GCSE's, I have realised that everyday of the past five years at this school have been of great importance to my future, from general lessons to participation in house competitions and events. I have not attended all lessons, due to laziness and selfishness. So I am now suffering the consequences by working every hour I have spare to catch up with late coursework, homework's and work missed. I am struggling incredibly trying to get all work in on the final deadline date. I am getting a tremendous amount of support from my parents, teachers and peers who still all seem to have a great amount of faith in me

I now have a lot of faith in myself as well, to get all the work handed in on time but it is going to take a lot of hard work on my behalf. I have spoken to quite a lot of friends who are now in 6th form and who are taking similar subjects to what I would like to take and they have all said that they're thoroughly enjoying it so I am determined to get into Grammar 6th form and work to my full potential as I know I can do. All of my friends are planning on entering the 6th form here and they will probably get in, I will be extremely upset and humiliated if I don't get the chances in life that they do but I know its down to me now so I am hoping I can pick up my grades to be able to get a good head start in my career

Next year I would like to take English literature and English language combined and for my further three choices I am going to choose Theatre studies, Media studies and Sociology. I have chosen these 4 subjects because I am hoping to go into journalism and hopefully become a theatre critic then from there I would maybe choose to work in television either acting or presenting or maybe work in radio

I know that as I mature my decisions in career may change, therefore I would like my a-level studies to reflect a wide range of opportunities

Ever since visiting Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London I've been fascinated by the history of theatres. I was fortunate enough to work at my local theatre this summer and in drama lessons we got to write about a few plays we learnt about such as 'Teechers' and 'Billy Liar'

I am really looking forward to studying these subjects whether it is at 6th form or at a local college. Drama has always been of great interest to me and I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing so I feel that getting involved with these subjects will hopefully send me down the right track to where I eventually want to end up

In the past I have had many problems with meeting deadlines and attending all lessons but I know how much time I have now wasted and I would really like to be given a final chance to show my abilities

I am reliable, I can cope well with pressure, I am a helpful member of the class and can work well in a team, I have good relationships with my peers, I can give and receive criticism at the right times e.g

debates, I am very confident and will always state my opinions when needed and I have good initiative. My organisation skills are not always up to scratch, so I think that this can be worked on but I prefer to work in a group so as to get a wide range of opinions so hopefully my peers can help me with this. I am willing to pull out all the stops to get to where I want to be

I have had quite a few responsibilities throughout the very start of secondary school. I came to this school wanting to make an impression so I involved myself in every way I could

Firstly I was the female Senate Representative for the year, this lasted until year 8. I attended all the meetings and carried out all tasks that were put forward. Until year 10 I was on the netball and hockey team, I participated in all sports related charity and house events, such as the house basketball competitions, house/boy vs. girls football and all netball competitions, I took part in every sports day and I even took part in the charity event 'Stars in your Eyes' and the inter-house dance competition where we came 2nd place and was a lot of fun. Last year I had a brilliant time taking part in the school production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar', where I was in the chorus and had two small singing parts and was a dancer alongside 7 other girls

So I have had a lot of involvement in extra-curricular activities in school. Out of school I was part of the Harrogate School of Gymnastics master-class for just under 11 years but had to leave due to health issues but still attend a couple of classes a week when they need help with the younger classes. Two years ago I danced at the Royal Hall in Harrogate as part of a dance class for ages 13-16. I really enjoyed working with other girls with the same interests as I have. I have also attended horse-riding lessons, salsa classes and was a part of Harrogate Theatres amateur drama group for 2 years. In my spare time I enjoy going out with friends, dancing and reading novels

I spent my work experience working in a jewellery warehouse where I improved my knowledge of computers and worked together with other employees stock taking and sorting. I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and I got a wider view of how businesses work on a day-to-day basis

Overall I think I would be a great asset to Harrogate Grammar Schools 6th form, I am really looking forward to coming back to the school next year so I can concentrate on my studies and fulfil my potential

I want to continue at university and end up with a career that is both interesting and enjoyable.


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