Inf 220 Week 1 Assignment 1

Walmart 2 Select a business that you believe has a good communication network. The business that I decide to go with for having a good communication network is Walmart. Walmart is one of the largest private employers with over a million employees working for it. It all started in the 1930s as a small discount store that was founded by Sam Walton. Ever since Walmart was opened, the founder “Sam Walton realized the importance of tracking inventory, sales and trends and required management reporting on a weekly and monthly basis” (Piliouras, 2015). It was 1977 when Walmart decided to change the way they were running their business. Walmart started using computer network to automate the collection of their sales data and also to link stores to their distribution centers and to headquarters. By the 1980s, Walmart implemented what they called a EDI and also the largest owned satellite network in the country. The satellite network that Walmart was using, was used to communicate internal and also for credit card authorization. This process helped out a lot for Walmart by reducing their customer transaction time. Examine its network design and explain why you think the network is effective and efficient. Recommend a better network design which can support the decisions and operations of the business if there is any. In the late 1980s, Walmart put in place the largest satellite communication network in the nation. According to an article I read ever since the satellite was put into place, “Walmart invested over a billion dollars to improve information quality and transmission. The Wal-Mart network allows two-way voice and data communication and one-way video communication between headquarters, distribution centers, suppliers, and stores. The overall cost of this communication

To what extent should end users be involved in the selection of a database management system and database design? The end user needs to be involved in a majority of the process to ensure that their needs are meet. When looking at designing a database and managing it, it is necessary for both parties to have constant communication throughout the process to make sure that the company is providing the best possible technical expertise and the end user fully understands all the ins and outs of their product. Getting to know what your end user needs, i.e., structured systems containing various numbers and characters or rather storing or images and graphics, certain details will ensure that you as the subject matter exert will give the best solutions possible. In the most logical sense, the database will be a direct representation of what the end user represents. It should present all of the required data in such a way as to please the end user in each area of the situation pertaining to the graphical user interface. Laudon & Laudon (2009), refers to this

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