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Presentation on theme: "Glasgow 5th March, 1971 By Edwin Morgan Structure 7 sentences which are statements of fact no rhyme no rhythm no stanzas newspaper column layout objective."— Presentation transcript:


2 Glasgow 5th March, 1971 By Edwin Morgan

3 Structure 7 sentences which are statements of fact no rhyme no rhythm no stanzas newspaper column layout objective and prosaic style present tense throughout - sense of immediacy

4 Why did Morgan choose this structure / style for his poem? The impact of this poem arises form the contrast between form and content. Form: clinical, objective, matter-of-fact statements Content: shocking, sickening events The theme : modern society has seen a decline in morality, community and concern for others. Morgan criticizes the reluctance of the public to get involved. Morgan’s unemotional style mirrors our sense of detachment when faced with horrific events.

5 1.With a ragged diamond wc / oxymoron of shattered plate glassonomatopoeia a young man and his girl are falling backwards into a shop window. present tense 1.“ragged diamond” is an oxymoron suggesting the clarity and sharp edges of the glass, but also the danger presented by the rough shards. The word “diamond” has connotations of engagement. Is it a jeweller’s shop? 2. Shattered (onomatopoeia) + “plate”(toughened glass) suggests the force of impact. There are connotations of shattered hopes. 4.Use of present tense creates a sense of immediacy

6 metaphor Word choice onomatopoeia Word choice 5. The man appears to have a metaphorical beard of glass, suggests by the words “bristling” (onomatopoeia) and “fragments.” 7. “caught” is not a shocking word, but in the context it carries the horrific image of a girl’s flesh ripped on a shard of glass so that she is suspended from it. 8. “arterial” suggests the force and volume of blood - a serious injury 10. the link to the white coat makes the horror more vivid and has connotations of doctors

7 metaphor Word choice repetition 11.The metaphor illustrates the young people, limbs flung in all directions, entering the window. The comparison suggests the vulnerability of their bodies and highlights the instamatic nature of the poem 13. This line is repeated later to highlight a contrast between victims and attackers. 14. The word “beginning” suggests that there will be much more pain to come later.

8 repetition Word choice 16. The word “operation” means, in this context, a well executed plan. The connotations are of a medical operation, which the victims will probably need. 18. “loot” is a comical word for the proceeds of the robbery giving the impression that the thieves do not take their actions seriously “smartly” has connotations of being clever, quick, but also it suggests the idea of pain again 19. Repeats the idea of facial expressions and shows the robbers to be callous and indifferent

9 Theme summed up Sense of place, realism Word choice 20. Sharp and clear may describe the coldness in the air or the fact that the drivers could see clearly, but chose not to look. They certainly relate back to the broken glass “ragged diamond” of the beginning. 22-23 Sum up the poet’s theme. The indifference of the drivers possibly has the most impact on the reader. Where is the good Samaritan in this scenario. Why are we so indifferent, so reluctant to get involved and what will become of society if we turn our back on our fellow man?

10 Task: Choose a poem in which language is used to create impact. Explain in some detail how the poet uses language in order to deliver the theme or message. In your answer you should refer to at least two of: theme, word choice, imagery, irony or any other appropriate feature. Writing an introduction: title, poet,,brief idea of theme and reference to task. “Glasgow 5th March, 1971” by Edwin Morgan is a poem which has a strong impact on the reader. The poet uses structure and language effectively to describe an incident where a man and woman are used as human bricks by thieves stealing from a store. The poet cleverly creates a contrast between style and ideas in order to create impact. Morgan criticizes public indifference to the plight of others and assesses the decline of morals in society.

11 Every paragraph / section should begin with a topic sentence binding your writing to the task and end with a summary, again relating to the task in hand. The objective style and structure of Morgan’s poem is highly effective in conveying his theme of society’s indifference. The poem is prosaic in style and there is no rhythm or rhyme pattern. It contains seven sentences each of which is a simple statement describing the event. The structure of the poem - a single stanza- resembles a newspaper column and the use of the present tense creates the immediacy of an instamatic moment. Morgan perceives that the public is growing immune to the brutality of of this type of crime and reflects this in his matter-of-fact, unemotional style.

12 In addition to his unemotional vocabulary, Morgan’s use of imagery effectively recreates the appalling, bloody scene, while making us reflect on a society that uses people as human bricks. A metaphor is used effectively to describe the injuries to the man’s face, which is “bristling with fragments of glass.” This gives the impression of a metaphorical beard of painful fragments

I really enjoyed reading this.
I was drawn in immediately and I am looking forward to reading more.
I felt a sense of urgency and panic and the pace was great.
Only minor typos to report(which is rich coming from me - I don't normally notice!)

[�Lie still now, we�re going to very good care of you,�] TAKE is missing?

[thudding] I read it twice and thought maybe you meant thumping?

After [beeping sound] you need a full stop.

[a machine by y bed] m is missing

[�Hello?� I call out, lamely.] You don't need lamely, the rest of the sentence conveys the feeling well without it.

[ �OK. Try not to worry. Amnesia in these kinds of cases is often temporary.�] I think a doctor would reassure more, so maybe add normal and temporary?

[a jug of water with a jaunty red lid] jaunty red lid adds nothing to the story, I think it doesn't need to be there unless red is going to jog her memory at a later date?

[ and we ran a barrage of tests.�] not sure this sounds like something a doctor would say, more something a friend would say to you, maybe we have been running a series of test on you since?

Your characters are clear and realistic. Your descriptions of the environment were to the point and not overly done and conveyed the scene well.

Keep going with it, it's got potential.
I don't think it really matters if you don't know where your going from the off. Most of my writing initially works like that for me, but I usually step away after the first chapter and think a little deeper about who my MC is and where they want me to take them, then I write then next chapter - or blow it off and do something else!

There is no right or wrong way to write. The most important thing is to just write. You can sort the wheat from the chaff later.
Good luck

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