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Assigning a term paper for a history class, my professor said we shouldn't use any papers we had written for other classes; he said doing so would be plagiarism.

Is it ok to 'recycle' my term paper?

Since both reflective and formal writing can be valuable and effective in helping students meet the educational objectives of the course and improve thinking and writing skills, the writing assignments consist of a journal and a term paper.

Writing assignments for an internship course

Rather than containing the basic student food staples--snacks, candy, and gum--this machine dispenses memory sticks, ear buds, pens, paper clips, batteries, and, of course, Excedrin and NoDoz for those late-night term paper deadlines.

Tech Central: despite all the talk about wireless, Temple University leaders found it made sense to centralize its technology equipment on campus

The intended emphasis was on my abrupt transition from an electronics research lab in the Air Force to graduate studies in economics--followed in short order by an unexpected opportunity (which was created by Professor Brazelton himself) for me to present a term paper on Austrian macroeconomics at a professional meeting.

Response to Professor Brazelton

As one player solemnly recounts, when he wrote a term paper about his passion for cricket, his teacher had never even heard of the game, let alone the downfalls of a sticky wicket.

Jesper Nordahl: Mangkulturellt Centrum, MKC

He wrote a term paper as an undergraduate, before the age of 20, which led to his receiving the prize some 42 years later at the age of 62.

Transhumanism and the future

  • The New York Times publishes a story that reports Auburn allowed students, including football players and other athletes, to receive sociology credits for writing a 10-page term paper instead of attending traditional classes.

    —tom green | tgreen@al.com, AL.com, "Jay Jacobs' tenure as Auburn's athletic director,"3 Nov. 2017

  • His term papers were all on corruption in the Navy, a subject his peers wanted to avoid.

    —joseph hincks / manila, Time, "The Mutineer: How Antonio Trillanes Came to Lead the Fight Against Rodrigo Duterte,"27 Oct. 2017

  • Miss the college experience but not the term papers and exams?

    —charlotteobserver, "Be a student for a day at One Day University | Charlotte Observer,"24 Oct. 2017

  • But the film has all the subtlety of a term paper, even if the earliest scenes suggest otherwise.

    —david sims, The Atlantic, "Mark Felt Tells a Familiar Tale of the Watergate Scandal,"26 Sep. 2017

  • College students have long relied on caffeine to cram for exams, stay awake to write term papers and get an afternoon boost to keep alert for the last classes of the day.

    —t. rees shapiro, Washington Post, "Caffeinated sodas heading to Brigham Young campus,"21 Sep. 2017

  • One of the biggest takeaways that students write about in their end of term papers is that the experience is so real, a news release noted.

    —milwaukee, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Oconomowoc High School building trades class partners with Tim O'Brien to build home,"1 Sep. 2017

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