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To many Christians the Prophets are seen as being predictors of the Messiah, but it can be argued that one can take any tidbit of information from a source (not just the bible) and use it, whether within context or out of context, to support one’s argument. In my opinion, as far as the prophets are concerned, just because the prophets seem to predict the coming of the Messiah because of the parallels that have been drawn between the books of the prophets and the New Testament does not necessarily mean that they were able to predict the future—it means that the New Testament authors such as Matthew had either heard or could refer back to the writings of the Old Testament prophets such as Isaiah, Micah, and Hosea. The problem is not that the…show more content…

While I am not discounting their beliefs - everyone is entitled to their own - I do find it strange that people still have not made the connection that perhaps the authors of the New Testament were seeking to show continuity between, as Borg would says, “Jesus and the tradition out of which next they came”. One of the things that I love the most about the books on the prophets is the commitment to social justice that is layered within their pages - especially in Amos. I’ll get back to this in a minute; for I also want to mention that for some reason I have always been interested in the notion of marriage as being a symbol of the conventional relationship between God and his people. Thus, my interest was peaked in class today when we started discussing the book of Hosea and how, in this book, Hosea is directed to marry a prostitute. As you pointed out in class, this was one of the instances when marriage represents the relationship between God and his people, in this case Israel. What was so interesting to me was the level of symbolism that was used here, and indeed throughout the book. For essentially the writer of Hosea is trying to say that since Israel has been unfaithful to God by allowing other Gods and breaking the commandments which are terms of the covenant, Israel is symbolized by a prostitute who


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