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The starting pay of a teacher in Manatee County with a four year degree is $32,000, the exact say pay of a manager with a high school diploma at Walgreens. The amount of time and effort put into developing your craft in the classroom and becoming a successful teacher should require a higher salary that what is currently offered. Teachers need to be paid more for their occupation because of their time spent in attaining a four year degree, because of the increasing cost of living in the Florida area, and because teachers are the ones who are educating our future doctors, lawyers, and presidents. Without teachers our society would not be educated and people would not be given an opportunity to become all they can be.

The teacher profession is a prestigious occupation that requires a lot of time and effort. In order to become a teacher you must attain at least a four year degree and complete a series of certification tests in the area of study you want to teach. The criteria people must meet in order to become a teacher is difficult because you must also complete a lot of core requirements from other subject areas before you are given a degree. In order to become a teacher you must complete a four year degree that usually takes five years of your life to finish. Those five years are filled with student loans and personal debts that are accumulating due to the heavy schedule at school. With all this time and effort put into becoming a prestigious figure in our society you realize that the amount of pay you will receive is the equivalent to a person coming right out of high school and working as a manager at your neighborhood Walgreens drugstore. This loan statistic irritates me, a future teacher, because of all the sacrifices I had to endure in order to finish school on time. I had to pay my final two years of school because my Pelt Grant expired after the first two years. Instead of stressing myself out with all those classes I need to graduate and stressing myself out about repaying all those loans I could have been working 40 hours a week at Walgreens receiving the same amount of pay I would have gotten if I went to school.

The cost of living in Florida is rising at a high number. The magazine U.S News & World Report had a story in their December 6, 2004 issue about the increase in real estate in the nation. The homes in Manatee County have increased 40.7 percent from 2003 to 2004. This 40.7 percent increase now pushes up the price of started homes in Manatee County to $172,700. If you do the math you will see that a teacher coming out of college will have to pay a high mortgage, pay back their student loans, and also must deal with all the bills that come with living in the real world. $32,000 doesn't seem like all that much anymore when you look at the big picture of what you have to pay and live with. Back to the Walgreens comparison, a manager with a high school diploma will make the same amount as the teacher but the manager doesn't have to pay back loans. By the time your four year degree is completed the manager has already put in four years of work at Walgreens


Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

Kelsey Olsen

Mrs. Watkins

Composition I 17452

September 7, 2014

Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

I will be using the short story "The Sanctuary of School" to support why I think teachers should be paid more. Teachers are a huge part of a child's life, next to their parents of course. They start shaping a child's behavior and brain from about age 5 to the age of 18 (even longer if the child goes to college). Teachers teach right from wrong, how to socialize, how to read and write, and how to just be an overall better person. First I will discuss how underappreciated a teacher is, next I will talk about the sad truth; how much teachers actually make, and finally the reasons why I believe teachers should be paid more.

First I will discuss how underappreciated teachers are. Being a high school student myself, I have a lot of experience interacting with teachers. In my experience, the way that children treat a teacher is just unacceptable. There is so much disrespect coming from these students. I believe that this is because of the way society talks about teachers. Teachers are looked down upon because they don't make much money, and society believes that they complain too much about the work they have to do. When in reality, they don't get enough credit for what they do. They are a huge reason why people grow up to be who they are. They look after society's children while they're busy working. They are a big part of what makes a child who they are.

Next I will talk about how much teachers actually make. The average Oklahoma teachers' salary is $44,343, which is ranked 47th in the United States (there are 50 states in the United States). That's pretty sad. The average starting pay for an Oklahoma teacher is $31,600, which is ranked 41st in the United States. The national average salary for a teacher is $46,142. On a national average the starting salary for a teacher is $36,141. Why do we pay the people who teach our children to be who they are so little? They work way over the average 40 hours a week. They work at school and also at home. They always have to take work home with them, and they don't even get paid for all the extra work they do!

Lastly I will explain why I think teachers should be paid more. I want to start off by referring to "The Sanctuary of School," in this story the little girl leaves her home, where she has family...

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