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Do you need to produce a personal narrative essay but do not know how to select a good topic for it? Do not worry! With our personal narrative essay topics generator, you will encounter no difficulties in choosing an appropriate topic for your piece of writing.

A personal narrative topic generator is an effective means of creating interesting narrative essay topics. In order to make this free instrument available to everybody, one should take some measures. First, inform your friends about such a useful program. Second, link to our resource from the page belonging to your educational establishment. Third, you can share information about our narrative topics generator in the social networks you are using. Additionally, you can send us an e-mail containing both your ideas for improving our services and the lists of topics you would like to be present on our web resource. Remember that it is worth arranging the topics into groups according to the field of study they are referring to before sending them to us. Using our narrative topic generator is not complicated. Type in the keywords separated by commas referring to your subject and press the "GENERATE" button.

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Why a Title should Be Eye-Catching

It is necessary to underline that a title is especially important and even a vital element of any academic work. Certainly, the most essential thing in regard to the whole paper is its content. Still, if the title is dull, no one will want to read your work. Whatever the personal narrative essay topics you deal with are, your piece of writing should undoubtedly have the title representing the essence of the issue you are developing.

Obviously, a title performs a crucial function. It is the tool which attractively presents the personal narrative essay topics you are exploring while producing papers. Therefore, it should be comprehensive and engaging. When reading your title, readers will easily understand whether they are interested in the personal narrative essay ideas discussed in a specific work or not.

How to Create a Perfect Title

There are several methods for making a good title that will highlight the main idea of the personal narrative essay topics you are examining. We offer you to consider the helpful hints presented below while generating a title for your work:

Firstly, there are three main kinds of titles: suggestive, descriptive and combining. So, let us analyze each of them.

The role of a descriptive title, in general, is to briefly characterize the topics for the narrative essay you are working on. A suggestive title just gives some clues as to what a paper is about. Finally, the combining title connects the previous ones and makes a stronger effect on readers.

Example:“From General to Specific: New Theories about Implementing Writing Techniques at Schools”

Try to indicate the location and cite the source. It will look like an advertisement stating where the described events occur.

Example:“Industrial Development in the USA during the 1960s”

Try creating the summarizing title. Choose the words of a descriptive character referring to your area and create good narrative essay topics.

Example:“Academic Institutions, Art Galleries, Museums: Creating a Cultural Society”

Try composing a descriptive title. Use visual tools to help readers easily grasp the key point of your work. You may take a poster and describe it in your title.

Example:“Pollution: a Day of Reckoning”

Creating Titles: Do’s and Don’ts

Making an engaging title can be rather complicated. No matter the essay topics, a title should arouse readers’ interest and clearly state what a paper is about in any case.


  • Give your personal narrative essay a title after producing it.
  • Create a short title.
  • Insert a chief keyword highlighting the main idea of your paper in the title.
  • Ensure the number of characters the title is written in does not exceed the limit, i.e. 150.
  • Avail a personal narrative topics generator in order to get fresh ideas for creating titles.


  • Do not use abbreviations.
  • Avoid applying inappropriate styles. The style of the title should correspond to that of the whole paper.
  • Evade using mundane titles, as they will not attract readers’ attention.

How to Pick an Excellent Title

Below, there are great narrative essay prompts high school students, as well as those of college and university, will appreciate when creating titles for their papers. By following the given narrative essay prompts, you will have no problems with composing a stunning title for your work.

  • Interest readers. If you want to be sure that the narrative essay topics for college students will make readers read the whole paper, you need to make an intriguing title. Thus, generate some ideas and do not forget to insert the main keyword in your title.
  • Avoid wrong titles. Read your title and see whether it arouses any feelings. If it does not provoke any emotions, change it. In order to engage readers, you may use statistical data, humorous phrases, etc. By the way, it is rather beneficial to use a personal narrative topics generator in such a case.
  • Mention the used source and location. It depends on your topic whether to indicate the mentioned items or not. If necessary, you can also present the source, location, etc. in the title. A good personal narrative topic generator will help you solve the problem.
  • Stick to the writing style. One of the best personal narrative essay prompts is to analyze your paper in terms of its tone. For example, if you are producing an ironical or humorous essay, your title should be of the same nature. However, if you are writing an academic paper, you need to meet the established academic standards. If you feel completely helpless and do not even imagine how to create a worthy title, use our narrative topics generator.
  • Summarizing heading. Pick a few words that could vividly describe your paper and insert them in the title. One of the useful narrative essay writing prompts is to create a title by referring to your thesis, introductory and concluding sections.
  • Visualization. Find a good picture clearly illustrating the main idea of your personal narrative essay and try to transform the feelings you are experiencing into a catchy title.

Why Use a Program Creating Narrative Essay Topics and Titles

You may ask, “Why is it worth using a narrative topic generator?” Everything is quite simple. If you consider creating titles easy and you do not need any narrative essay prompts college or high school students would like to follow, it is really great. Nevertheless, many students find making titles a real nightmare. Below, there are strong points stating why it is helpful to use a personal narrative topics generator. So, it:

  • develops your creating thinking;
  • helps you choose good narrative essay topics for your paper;
  • gives you the possibility to concentrate on your personal narrative essay ideas;
  • will help you avoid irritation when creating your title.

Creating an interesting title takes some time. However, if you use a personal narrative topic generator, you will get a catchy title that will attract readers’ attention to your paper in a matter of minutes.

Reasons to Select Our Narrative Essay Topics Generator

It is very important to receive education, as it gives people considerable advantages. During the academic years, students broaden their outlook and knowledge. However, it is sometimes very hard to cope with all assignments and achieve great results. We would like to make your educational process even more easy and less painful. That is why we offer you to use our effective narrative topic generator. Moreover, we provide the narrative essay prompts high school, college and university students will greatly benefit from. By availing our services, you will be able to prepare top-notch papers as much as to create impressive titles without a hassle.

One may surely find many generators for composing narrative essay topics. Still, we are convinced that the one offered by our agency is superior to others. We always ensure it operates well, i.e. it includes a large number of words and properly arranged and grammatically correct structures.

Use our generator and enjoy the educational process!

You’ve been assigned a social networking essay, and it sounds really great, because you’ve finally gotten an assignment that at least somehow touches your real life, and not some abstract concepts found in books. So, you sit down and start writing, but soon after you find out that your essay looks like a blog post rather than an academic paper. What can you do about it?

First of all, we want to remind you that, regardless of the topic, most essays still are supposed to maintain academic tone, so you can’t just write it as a story you will send to your friend or post at your blog. Secondly, you need a clearly defined thesis statement and a set of arguments to back it up. Are you already terrified and hate your social networking essay assignment? Don’t worry, we know how to help you.

First of all, you can use the sample provided below to get a better idea of how such papers should be written. Use it as a template to understand the structure of an essay and the usage of arguments. Secondly, we have a lot of useful advice on writing and motivation at our blog – don’t forget to check it out, too!

What Makes Social Networks Addictive?

A contemporary world can boast many technical, and intellectual achievements, without mentioning a huge human potential, but our society was completely overwhelmed when the first created social networks started its invasion. And, in the 21st century, they made us literally dependent. So, what makes them so habit-forming?

Firstly, this addiction lays in the social networks’ variety. There are dating, and common interest websites, online encyclopedias, and friend social networks, where we can communicate. For example, “Today, more than 500 million users are active participants in the Facebook community alone and studies suggest that between 55% and 82% of teenagers and young adults use SNSs (Social Network Sites) on a regular basis” (Kuss & Griffith 68). Secondly, such networks are like an own virtual world. We can stay private there, or we can paint our story in bright colors. But by receiving a particular feedback there we may aggravate our self-esteem, and enhance our diffidence. Not to mention the fact that we can acquire a habit of a pathological lying. “Most adolescents (78%) always or predominantly received positive feedback on their profiles” (Schouten 101). Thirdly, its addiction is the desire to find a friend. A lonely or socially rejected person just wants to find the same people in order to create a so-called shelter. A place, where they can keep it real, find support, and not feel neglected.

Ultimately, we can deal with this social network addiction with the help of our positive and careless attitude toward such online instruments. These networks are just some kind of challenge which we have to overcome and learn to enjoy the benefits of civilization.

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