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Effects of an Ad Advertising is the marketing of an idea in ways that encourages and persuades audiences to take some sort of action. In most cases, the action would be to buy a product or service while other are simply to raise awareness. Whatever the case may be, money is poured into advertising every day. Marketing agencies try various ways to convince people to buy their products using different persuasion techniques. After first examining an advertisement, one could analyze how each detail in the ad was specifically designed to affect its audience in a way that convinces them that they need what is being advertised. One would also be able to notice the values and important aspects of a culture through its advertisements. For…show more content…

Words like “help,” “feel,” and “faster,” are used in this ad to subtly make readers believe that NyQuil will cure Mom’s illness quickly when, in fact, they really only say that the products might make her symptoms briefly subside quicker than another indistinct method of treatment. This subtle method of advertisement is actually very common in all types of ads. Another technique used to attract attention of audiences is the adorable image of a mother and daughter playing dress up together. When someone sees this image, they are expected to feel strong, loving emotion for the seemingly deep mother-daughter connection in the photo. This mode of persuasion, pathos, is used to play on the emotions of viewers who see this ad. By using pathos in advertising, advertisers are also showing the main values of a culture. This NyQuil ad illustrates that one major value of American culture is a strong family bond. The heartfelt image of a mother and daughter cheerfully playing dress up together, the bold words, “Don’t let a cold take away dress up Mommy,” and the direct addressing of “helping Mom,” in the descriptions are all contributing to one major ideal. This entire ad is created on the basis that most Americans place strong value on a deep, loving connection between mothers and their daughters. In conclusion, various methods of advertising

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Dove Advertisement Analysis

Dove body wash is a Unilever brand under personal care category. It is a packaged consumer good under the beauty classification. Dove Body wash caters for the generic female market since it is a beauty body wash. For the purpose of this case study, the focus will be on dove body wash for beauty (Egendorf, 2006). Dove body wash for women is sold in over 80 countries in the world. it is, however, produced in only 13 countries spread over six continents. this means that the company has to come up with the right advertising approach to gain presence in the countries where it does not have active production of the product.

Purpose of the advert

Unilever ltd, the owner of Dove brand, realized that there are issues that affect female demographic that stem from the advertising campaigns. In 2004, the company pointed out that most of the women grapple with self-acceptance and body image. The media is awash with falsified perceptions of the ideal beauty. Dove Body wash advertisement, which is part of Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, seeks to discount the stereotypes peddled by conventional adverts the campaign’s goal is portraying the benefits of the body wash as real. The advert portrays the body wash as a product that has attainable benefits among all the women regardless of how they look.

Creative strategy

Adverts in the cosmetic industry use models whose looks are above the ordinary woman that eventually uses the advertised product (Blythe, 2006). As a result, the consumers of the product end up with a false an idea about the product. prolonged use of the cosmetic products advertised using the generic approaches is disappointing since the product in itself is incapable of changing the look of the consumer to match up with the model (Egendorf, 2006). The mismatch between expectations and outcomes leads to increasing dissatisfaction with the product hence the decline in sales.

Dove body wash is part of female product line that has positioned itself as a brand that can be used by all women regardless of their looks. The advertisement campaign works towards the creation of self-acceptance through propulsion of the ideal that beauty is relative and unique. Therefore, there is no need for a woman to work towards vane emulation of plastic beauty peddled by the majority of the advertisements in the cosmetic industry.

Dove Body wash advertisement Campaign not only focuses on the social aspects of beauty. On the contrary, it states the simple capabilities of the body wash without any form of exaggeration. The adverts also mirror the reliability of the Dove body wash for women body care. The adverts use real women as opposed to the models in order to indicate the real goal of the product, which is taking care of all the diversified needs of the women regardless of their looks or race. Because of this creativity, the company has been able to distance itself from the fallacies of beauty while attending to the real needs of the clientele (Blythe, 2006).

social media advertisements

The social media campaign for doe body wash is accommodative of the women regardless of their look. It is an extension of the mainstream media advertisements which seek to portray the women according to their real beauty.

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Major competitor for the product is Nivea, which is produced by German based company Bierersdof. Nivea body wash are sold using the Nivea name just as Dove body wash. Nivea body wash has become increasingly diversified to include the male products. However, the Nivea adverts have always been poised for the niche market made of the well to do people. Dove body wash is inclusive whereby; they seek to meet the needs of all the people. They are also diversified such that they cater for the different women needs (Egendorf, 2006). Both companies use the same media outlets to advertise their products. The companies advertise on billboards, mass and print media.

The main difference in the company’s adverts is the focus that they assume. Nivea body wash are advertised using the generic approach of models. The essence of Nivea adverts is to create the illusion among the women that they will end up with the looks similar to those of the models. The direct message in the Nivea adverts is how transformed the user will be after using the products being advertised (Pride & Ferrell, 2008). The subtle message in the adverts is that the women have to look like the models for them to be deemed as beautiful.

This perception is misleading since some of the qualities that the model have are inherent. There is nothing that the product adds to the inherent qualities (Kotler, 2000). On the other hand, Dove body wash is advertised using real women. The advertisement approach sends the message that one does not have to be a model or possess model-like qualities to be beautiful. As a result, most of the women are open to the idea of self-acceptance. Dove campaigns are based on truth without any unnecessary exaggerations.

Media strategy

Dove Body wash Campaign, which is part of Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, uses most of the conventional media outlets to publicize the idea. There are advertisements on the digital media such as the television and FM stations. Adverts for the campaign are designed to suit the target media. However, the modifications do not change the main message of appreciating the real beauty in the women. The billboards used for the campaign depict happy women from all the races. Promotion of the fund is by extension promotion of the brand.

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