Glossophobia Essay Contest

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Public speech writing topics: Prepare a speech about glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking

Glossophobia, or the speech anxiety, affects more than 75 % of the world's population, so it is the most common phobia. Even such celebrities as Barbra Streisand and Peter Gabriel suffer from glossophobia. This phobia manifests itself when it is necessary to deliver a public speech or a concert and can be diagnosed by the following symptoms: intense anxiety before the verbal communication to the group, physical weakness or dizziness during the speech, avoidance of events, associated with the necessity to speak to a large group. Glossophobia refers to a psychological defense mechanism, as it signalizes the possibility of encountering the group's aggression.

Major theses.
1) Glossophobia is a comparatively insignificant disorder that might be easily managed.
2) Glossophobia is often mixed up with the lack of confidence in public.
3) The foundation of glossophobia is the subconscious "fight or flight reaction", or the state of vacillation.

Primary issues to discuss.
1) How can glossophobia be identified?
2) Can the phobia be inhibited or managed? Which techniques would you recommend?
3) Can glossophobia be associated with the overall lack of assertiveness in the personality?
4) Explain how glossophobia affects the person's life.

Suggested readings.
1) Huffington, A. On Becoming Fearless. Hachette Book Group, 2005.
2) Rothwell, J. In the Company of Others: An Introduction to Communication. New York: McGraw Hill, 2004.

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