School Improvement Plan Essay

School Improvement Plan

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Division of City Schools
City of Muntinlupa
District of Muntinlupa

SY 2010-2013


Muntinlupa I

Division of Muntinlupa National Capital Region Division Region


Soldier’s Hills Elementary School provides basic education to children in the pre-school, primary, and intermediate grade levels. It also caters to the instructional need of the hearing and visually impaired through SPED classes handled by well-trained Special Education teacher. It also currently gives basic training in computer operation through its non-formal education program.

Strategically located near churches, residential house, SHV…show more content…

Consequently, some of the pupils help their parents earn more money by selling junks, working in nearby factories, bakeries, and cleaning backyards for a fee. In parent-teacher conferences, most parents admitted that they cannot provide instructional support for their children because they lack the necessary skill, knowledge and even the time for it. On the other hand, the remaining 10% of the pupils come from families who live in nearby village. Their parents have an average level of income. Some work as local employees while others are overseas Filipino workers. Though these parents are capable of teaching their children, only a few of them have time to spare for helping their children in studying.

In the same community where the school is located , civic organizations abound. Some of which are the Kiwanis Gold of Muntinlupa, Walkers Club of Muntinlupa, PAFVRA Ladies’ Club, 4k, rotary Club of Muntinlupa, Guardians, Mutual Homes Senior Citizens Club, Soldiers’ Hills Senior Citizens Club, and Soldier’s Hills homeowner’ Association.

The school also has established general Parents, teachers and Community Association (GPTCA) and SHES Club.

School-Community Partnership

Knowledge Channel
Rotary Internationl-Alabang
Kiwanis Club of Muntinlupa Gold
PAFVRA Ladies Club
Walkers Club International

School-community Partnership

GPTA Alumni Civic Organizations Politicians and Local Officials Suppliers Nearby

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SCHOOL PROFILE ESSAY 3 Existing school improvement plans and activities, including support and remediation The school improvement plans are:-Having a program paraprofessional for special education at every grade level-Revise the current K-5 report cards to align with the curriculum and standards-Increase the variety of interventions in the areas of remediation and enrichment-Develop a strong repertoire of classroom assessment with special emphasis on student self-assessments-Provide professional development to continue studying methods of differentiated instruction-Increase technology use at school, including providing staff training and increasing on-site technology support staff-Continue to provide Responsive Classroom trainings to new staff Special education programs D.J. Bakie has an In-Step program that provides services to the most developmentally challenged students in the district. In-Step is staffed by certified specialists and multiple certified paraprofessionals. As mandated by their Individualized Education Plan (IEP), students in this program receive intensive 1:1 instructional support. Student performance/achievement profile D.J. Bakie is currently using the NECAP test to assess student performances in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. In the last year the percentage of student who are proficient

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