Essay On Education For International Understanding

1. Adequate knowledge and understanding:

The knowledge and understanding of culture of different countries are precondition for the development of international understanding. Unless the students are provided with ample sources of information regarding the social, cultural, political and other aspects of life in various countries, they can not have the comprehensive idea of the world as a whole.

2. Cultivating critical thinking:

Critical thinking is the key to the unfoldment of the spirit of internationalism in the students. The power of independence thinking can guard against rumours, superstitions, and fears prejudices. The student will be able to judge the relevance of subject or things through his critical mind.

3. Developing positive attitude:

The students should be encouraged to have confidence in the humanity and future of mankind. Negative attitude should be discouraged through education positive attitudes will make them optimistic and philanthropic members of the world federations.

4. Including patriotic sense:

Broad sense of patriotism in place of narrow selfish attitude should be developed in the young children. Broad patriotism promotes love and sympathy not only for one's own country but also for others. It stands for the loyalty to humanity and liberal outlook towards all the countries of world.

5. Development corporate and cosmopolitan feeling:

Students should be taught to believe that the world should be united. They" belong to one world of which they are citizens and members of the federation of the mankind. They should know how to share to sorrows and suffering as well as happiness and prosperity of the world in common.


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