Locker Assignment Acknowledgement Forms

Student Locker Assignments


Students sign up for a shared locker during Falcon Days which occurs just prior to the start of the school year (2-3 students are required per locker due to availability).


Students are encouraged to come to Falcon Days knowing which other student(s) he or she would like to share with. If a student decides later he or she would like a locker, or is new to Woodinville High School, the student should come to the Attendance Office for a shared locker assignment.


Lost Combinations

If a student cannot recall their locker combination, he or she should come to the Attendance Office for assistance.

Locker Policy

Lockers are school property and may be subject to a search and improper contents seized at the discretion of the administration. The school assumes no liability for the loss or theft of items from a student locker. To avoid theft, all lockers, including PE lockers, should be locked at all times.


All 7th grade and new students are invited to

Longhorn Orientation Camp!

Date:  Tuesday, August 15

Time:  9:00 am - 11:00 am

(Students only please)


Instructions For Registration Procedure:


1.  7th Grade and New Student Immunizations Notice


Students WILL NOT be admitted on the first day of school unless they have received a dose of Tdap, 2 doses of Varicella (Chickenpox), and 1 dose of Meningococcal or have an exemption form. 

EVERY student must have a current and complete immunization record on file to attend school.  


2Student Fees 


There are 3 different times throughout the year when you will need to pay fees:

          1)  In the summer for registration fees

               (Due by August 09, 2017)

          2)  When school starts for 1st Semester class fees 

          3)  In January for 2nd Semester class fees


Choose one of the following payment methods:


     A.  Payment online through your student's myDSD account

           by going to, click on the myDSD link

          (little green leaf in the top right corner), and access your

          Guardian Account. (Print a receipt for your records)

              If you do not have a Guardian Account, 

              please complete the simple process by clicking on

              "Request a New Guardian Account" option.        


     B.  Follow the left navigation link to the printable form.  

          Complete form and return to office with cash, check or

          credit/debit card no later than August 9th, 2017. 

          (a 3.5% fee will be added if you use a credit/debit card)


Fee Waiver applications and Free/Reduced lunch applications are separate forms and can be found following the links on the left navigation menu.  Please turn Fee Waiver applications with proof of income in at the NLJH Main Office.  Free/Reduced Lunch applications must be done online.


3.  Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA)


The AUA signature page will be completed on-line through myDSD.  Log in to your student's myDSD account beginning July 31 to complete this step.

    An information box should appear:

"You have files that need your attention.  Please Click Here"


By following this link, you will be directed to the applicable forms.  After reviewing the information select the acknowledgement box and your student's school will receive notification of your completing the action.  There is no need to return a paper signature page if you acknowledge acceptance online.

***Students will not be able to use computers until this form is completed.

For questions or to request a printed copy of the form, please contact the office at 801-402-6600


4.  Student Schedules


Schedules (including locker number and combination for 8th and 9th grade students) will be available August 9 on-line through your myDSD account. You must be paid current or have made arrangements through the school.

7th grade students will get their locker assignments at Longhorn Camp on August 15th from 9:00 - 11:00 if they have turned in their immunization record.


   8th & 9th Grade Locker Policy


6.  Optional Forms

    Homeless Questionnaire 

    Guardianship Status

    Media Permission Letter 



7.  PTSA Information


Please follow the link on the left navigation menu for opportunities to volunteer.  The PTSA does so much for our Longhorn Students, and your generous donations of time and/or money are truly appreciated!  (PTA dues can be paid with registration fees, or at the main office at any time!)


Registration procedure must be completed by

August 10, 2017.

After that date, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed.

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