Cover Letter For Customer Service Consultant Certification

Our customer service cv examples will help you create the perfect customer service CV for your next job application.

Customer service is a great career starting point that teaches you valuable skills. But before you start your career, you need a CV that stands out. This page is full of customer service CV examples, along with the correct curriculum vitae format to use for your application.

Customer service positions are competitive - typically companies receive many applications for open jobs. For that reason, it is essential to have a high quality cv or resume that stand out from the others.

Customer Service CV Objective

The objective of a customer service cv is to give the employer a look at your qualities as a potential representive of their brand. You should be trying to emphasis how you will help the employer increase customer satisfaction and sell more goods and services.

Customer Service CV Skills

Customer service CV skills that are essential to getting the job include:

  • Patience
  • Attentiveness
  • Clear Communication Skills
  • Knowledge of the Product or Service
  • Ability to Use “Positive Language”
  • Acting Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Ability to “Read” Customers
  • A Calming Presence
  • Goal Oriented Focus
  • Ability to Handle Surprises
  • Persuasion Skills
  • Tenacity
  • Closing Ability
  • Willingness to Learn

Make sure you include these skills on your cv with examples of why you are proficient in each area.

Customer Service CV Achievements

Every CV should include an achievements section. The customer service cv achievements section should list any awards you received for outstanding customer service.

These could include awards such as “employee of the month” or “customer service agent of the year”. Sometimes it may be benefical to put any specific certifications in this section as well such as “completed professional sales training” or “completed on the job training course x”.

Customize your CV for specific positions

There are many different customer service positions available. Some of these are customer service advisors, customer service assistants, customer service agents, customer service administrators, customer service cashiers, customer service clerks, customer service consultants, customer service representives and customer service managers.

Make sure you customize your CV for your specific role as the skills and capabilities for each position vary widely. We have hand picked our best examples below but if you need more samples then check out our live sample database here.

Customer Service CV Format

A customer service resume is written in “reverse chronological order.” This means that your most recent work experiences are at the top of the resume, and move downwards. Customer service resumes don’t need to be extremely fancy - but should be well formatted. Many people submit very basic resumes to customer service positions, meaning that a well-formatted resume will stand out.

Marion Desiree
50 Lantern Street
Grenadine SA 5555
0000 000 000
(08) 1010 1010


Lionel Miller
HR Manager
Karp Pharmaceuticals
100 Green Street
Terrace Hill SA 5666

Dear Mr Miller

Re: Customer Service Officer position, Ref: 555JA

Please accept this letter as an application for the position of Customer Service Officer at Karp Pharmaceuticals as advertised on

Currently, I am working as a Customer Service Assistant at Hoola Hoop Cosmetics. In this role I have gained extensive experience meeting and greeting clients and responding efficiently and effectively to any customer enquiries.

I have excellent communication skills and enjoy working in an interactive environment like customer service. I am patient but firm with difficult customers and have great experience resolving customer disputes. With fours years experience in the customer service industry, I have developed a warm, approachable and professional manner.

As a customer service assistant, I have had experience using database management systems, in particular Epicor database system and SAP database system.

I have also had extensive experience using Microsoft Office, including Excel and PowerPoint. These skills were finetuned through the Microsoft Office course I undertook in 2006.

I am a hardworking and enthusiastic employee and would love the opportunity to advance my career with your company. My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Kind Regards

[sign here]

Marion Desiree

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