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Technical Support / Help Desk Cover Letter Example

The following is an example of a cover letter designed for a technical support/help desk position. When writing a cover letter for a tech position, it's important to be specific. The hiring manager will need to know what technology you have supported, the hard and soft skills you can offer the organization, and how you can help the company if you were to be hired.

What to Include in the Cover Letter

The first paragraph of your cover letter should express your interest in the advertised position, mention the source where you learned about the job, and – most importantly - include the title of the job for which you're applying.

The middle paragraph(s) of your letter should describe your qualifications for the job. In this paragraph, you should focus on how the skills, training, and experience you possess align with the specific requirements listed on the employer’s job announcement. If you can, try to provide quantifiable examples (with percentages, numbers, or dollar figures) of significant work achievements to exemplify exactly how you have successfully performed the required elements of the job in the past. These accomplishments will help to separate you from your competition and ensure that the hiring manager is intrigued enough to read your attached resume.

The closing paragraph thanks the hiring manager and can mention how you will follow up on the status of your job application.

Review these guidelines for what to include in each paragraph of a cover letter for a job before you started writing your own letter.

Also see below for more cover letter samples, as well as for tips for emailing a cover letter and resume. These examples are meant to serve as models; you should tailor the details of your cover letter to reflect your own circumstances and to respond to the requirements of a specific job posting.

Sample Cover Letter for a Technical Support / Help Desk Position

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Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I am very interested in the Help Desk Technical Support position that you have advertised on I believe my training, experience, and proven ability as a Tier One Technical Support Specialist and Help Desk Technician will allow me to significantly contribute to the productivity and quality of your company's IT division.

In reviewing the attached resume, you will note that I have acquired valuable experience in all facets of troubleshooting, installations, and maintenance for various desktop operations, hardware, and software. I possess a unique talent for translating highly complex technical information into terms and concepts that the end users can readily grasp. These skills have enabled me, in my most recent position, to reduce our response time to trouble tickets by 45%, vastly improving our client satisfaction ratios.

Furthermore, I am multi-task oriented, enjoy a challenge, and continually stay abreast of the latest advancements in the IT field.

If you are seeking an IT professional who has excellent people and problem-solving skills and who can easily provide optimum support to your MIS operations, then please consider what I have to offer.

I believe it would be mutually beneficial for us to meet and discuss the goals of your company and how my technical abilities can help you achieve those goals. I will call your office in a few days to inquire about the possibility of a meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Signature (hard copy letter)

FirstName LastName

Sending an Email Cover Letter

If you're sending your cover cover letter via email, list your name and the job title in the subject line of the email message so that the employer understands that it is a response to their job posting. Include your contact information in your email signature, and don't list the employer contact information. Start your email message with the appropriate salutation. Here's an example of a formatted email cover letter.

More Sample Cover Letters
Explore the link above to see additional cover letter samples and templates for a variety of career fields and employment levels, including entry-level, targeted, and email cover letters for many different jobs.

Help Desk Coordinator Resume Samples

Help Desk Coordinators provide support to a company’s clients by completing the following tasks: taking phone calls and reading emails from customers, escalating issues to the next level when necessary, analyzing the problem, diagnosing technical issues, recommending solutions, maintaining record of customer requests, and reporting to managers. Resume samples in the field make display of skills such as customer service, technical skills, troubleshooting, computer competences, attention to details, and recordkeeping. Employers select resumes displaying at least an Associate’s Degree in a relevant field.

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Help Desk Coordinator

Provide excellent customer service to internal customers by analyzing technical problems and delivering solutions for issues. Support four locations and 4000+ employees.

  • Successfully completed full 90-day new hire training within first 6 weeks. Commended for ability to learn quickly and adapt seamlessly to change.
  • Delivered top metrics and customer service results; consistently ranked as a high performer.
  • Partnered regularly with multidisciplinary teams and staff from entry level to senior management. Known for ability to translate highly technical information in user-friendly terminology.
  • Trained new hires on technical best practices; provided daily training and support company -wide.
  • Awarded "Top Technician of the Month" after successfully eliminating more than 60 outstanding ticket issues for a co-worker. In addition, earned multiple Customer Service Excellence Awards.
  • Selected as member of special projects including system migrations, application upgrades, and network updates. Facilitated conference calls to ensure project deliverables were completed on time. Contributed to the creation of user-friendly system and process documentation.
  • HDI Support Center Analyst Certified

Help Desk Coordinator

  • Installed and configured Windows XP Platforms on desktops and laptops and provided 1st and 2nd tier technical phone/hands on support.
  • Covered LAN/WAN connectivity issues, software/hardware issues, email questions, internal network configurations, OS problems, 3rd party plug-ins, non [company name] products, and related peripherals.
  • Managed Active Directory users and computers, and Exchange 5.5 within Windows 2000/2003 Server environment.
  • Engaged in MIS/IT Administration; created email accounts, configured servers/shares, reset passwords, enforced security policies, created groups/distribution lists, installed network printers, etc.
  • Installed user phone systems and configured voice mail for each individual user; consistently achieved 'First Call Resolution' rate of 70% for all incoming tickets.
  • Decreased Average Seconds to Answer from 420 sec to 90 sec and increased Telephone Service Factor from 65% to 85%.

Help Desk Coordinator

Deliver Information Technology services as a first-level support technician in software, hardware and server applications to serve 3,300 users within the department. Collaborate on a 12-person team and complete duties on the night shift with two other team members. Provide training to new staff as necessary to ensure comprehension of duties.

  • Assist staff in patrol vehicles and internal facilities, including jails, the courthouse and 10 administrative offices.
  • Manage UNIX mainframe operations to ensure all jobs are properly backed up and stored, physically switching out storage tapes after backup and transporting each to an offsite location to maintain security.
  • Establish work orders using LANDesk for end users, routing orders to appropriate departments to streamline support, and perform Tier I troubleshooting, resetting network passwords and forwarding complex issues to PC LANDesk technicians, contacting on-call staff during the night shift for critical issues that cannot wait.
  • Troubleshoot and replace Lexmark 2500 series and HP LaserJet printers onsite and through remote instructions.
  • Support deputy sheriffs in the field with passwords and lockouts, resetting RSA tokens on laptops.
  • Provide assistance for high-level security service applications for staff and field law enforcement teams.
  • Utilize LANDesk Management Suite and Microsoft Terminal Services (MSTSC) to remotely manage desktop and laptop systems on a daily basis, ensuring comprehension of functionality by team members and providing support.

Help Desk Coordinator

  • Coordinated day to day operations to ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Create and administer trouble tickets through ticketing system
  • Install and configure network devices (IE: network printers, IP phones, laptops)
  • Maintained Non-secret and Secret, physical and digital documents for mission critical operations
  • Resolved fiber optic issues to maintain post security
  • Utilized technical solutions in addition to managing communications between shifts

Role - Help Desk Coordinator

  • Supporting company's internal E-Learning application by helping employees overcome technical barriers.
  • Reporting bugs in application with possible solution to dedicated teams.
  • Managing the courses result portal by resolving the ambiguities reported by the employees during/after the assessment.
  • Managing the classroom trainings portal by manually nominating/denominating employees in times of technical errors.

Help Desk Coordinator

  • Managed entire department administratively through various changes in ownership
  • Assist three department managers and their teams with administrative support
  • Provide timely technical support to all users from troubleshooting to resolution of issues
  • Managed IT inventory and equipment distribution for entire organization
  • Research and provide feedback to the team and management regarding equipment purchases
  • Maintain system life cycle rotations and installation of new equipment
  • Provisioning and monitoring of user accounts, permissions and access
  • System monitoring and general desktop support of all computer users


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